Geo Fab!

Monday morning trend report…. 

A new take on geometric jewlery, with bold new designs, bright and fun color combinations which bring these geo fab creations to the front of the fashion line!

Designers from Mimi So, Noor Fares, Solange Azagury-Partridge and many more have been on the forefront of the geometric resurgence, their collections in this category has brought the geometric trend back to life! 


Stone Garden….

Dior – Diorette ring, in 18K yellow gold with diamonds, citrine, amethyst, tsavorite, pink sapphires and enamel, a beautiful mix of color, so vibrant and full of life! 

Fun Fact: Enameling is the fusion of a special powdered glass to metals. The glass can be applied using different techniques, but all methods use heat to melt the powder. 


Black Friday….

Our two cents’ worth Funday Black Friday pick is this stunning 18K gold ring with black diamonds and mint green quartz, Happy shopping! 

Fun fact: Quartz is the most common mineral on earth and can be found just about anywhere. Nearly every rock contains some amount of quartz and most sand is almost entirely composed of quartz. 


Polar Ice!

18K white gold ring with pavĂ© set diamonds, sapphire eyes and an onyx nose, craftsmanship and creation at its finest! 

When we selected this magnificent piece, it also brought up something that is very dear to our heart, our love for animals, without being too political we just wanted to shed some light on the dwindling polar bear population (roughly between 20,000 and 25,000 left in the wild) and hopfully with these images we can appricate how majestic and beautiful our wild life is and how important it is to preserve them for future generations.