Where’s Polly?

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing and as we say goodbye to January and the garnet, at least for a bit, we wanted to end with something special, we do hope you enjoyed our picks this month, just as much as we did, featuring them! 
Lydia Courteille, 18K blackened gold parrot ring, with a remarkable orange garnet, surrounded by sapphires and green garnets, Polly is looking great!

Fun fact: The spessartite garnet group includes the colour change and malaya varieties. Colour-change garnet is extremely rare and is highly prized for its ability to change colour when viewed using differing light sources. Colour-change garnet is typically a hybrid of spessartite and pyrope garnet. Malaya garnet is another rare garnet variety that is gets its name from the Swahili word meaning “outcast” or “prostitute”.  



Sea Shell Gems!

Tiffany shell bracelet in platinum and 18K yellow gold, set with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, Tiffany’s is bringing the beach to your wrist!

Fun fact: Emeralds are the gems of royalty, romance and intrigue. Ranging in color from Bluish Green to Greenish-Blue with a clear depth of color that few gems command, emeralds are also the most well known and highly prized of all green gemstones. 


What’s to come?

January oh’ January as your last days are upon us which by the way has been so awesome and fun filled with remarkable and stunning garnet jewelry/jewellery finds, we prematurely look forward to the month of the amethyst and wanted to do a sneak peak of whats to come, very very exciting stuff!  

Our two cents worth funday Friday pick is from Emily H London, an 18K yellow gold ring with a fat teardrop cabochon purple amethysts gemstone, accented with vines, leaves, and fruits of honey quartz, yellow diamonds and green tsavorites. 



Alexandre Arne, 18K yellow gold ring with diamonds, cabochon gemstones and a center spinel, very pretty! 

Fun fact: The most desirable spinel gemstones are vivid red, followed by cobalt blue, bright pink and bright orange. Paler colours such as lavender tend to be more affordable. Other colours are black, violet-blue, greenish-blue, greyish, pale-pink, mauve, yellow and brown. 


Blue Ray!

Astley Clarke, 18K yellow gold earrings and cuff with stunning, shades of blue diamonds, from the Rising Sun collection, a ray of blue sunshine! 

Fun fact: Blue Diamonds – colored/coloured diamonds contain impurities or structural defects that cause the coloration. Natural blue diamonds contain the element boron (B) which changes the conductivity of the diamonds. 


The right length matters!

Monday morning trend report…. 

Long is in! When has it not been?

The long necklace, together with long pendants are so in, this week we wanted to feature this jewelry fashion trend, from sticks to beads to stones to elements and motifs, this trend is pretty hot, all over the runway and fashion magazines, get with the right length or miss out on the fun!