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Our two cents' worth funday Friday pick is this amazing ring from Alexandra Mor made from 18K yellow gold and platinum with citrine, amethyst and diamonds.


February and the Amethyst….

Amethyst; the birthstone of February and the gemstone associated with the 6th wedding anniversary, it occurs in hues from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple and it is the most valued of the quartz family.

Goshwara 18K yellow gold ring with an emerald-cut Amethyst. 

Fun Myth: amethyst is believed to prevent intoxication—amethystos means “not drunk” in ancient Greek.

Rosa dei Venti….

Our two cents’ worth Tuesday pick is this glamorous choker necklace from Giampiero Bodino made from 18K white gold  with amethyst beads, cabochon and emerald beads, diamonds and black spinels.