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Mor Emeralds….

Alexandra Mor 18K yellow gold one-of-a-kind emerald ring, with brilliant diamonds, surrounding the center stone.  The cabochon sugarloaf emerald was ethically sourced by Gemfields, not only is it stunning but it was made with the right practices, that are both ethically and environmentally friendly, wow!


Emeralds the birthstone for the month of May and one of the four gemstones that belongs to the precious group, a very unique group of natural stones. This month we will be featuring some amazing jewelry finds, with this exceptional stone, stay tuned. 

Fun myth: Emeralds is said to give a supernatural ability to foretell future events. A surprising variety of virtues have been ascribed to emerald. Among these, emerald was thought to improve its owner’s memory and eloquence, and was also said to quicken intelligence.