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De Beers fashionable take on the Talisman has made it very trendy but also practical, you get to look fabulous, while warding off evil. 

These earrings and pendants are made from 18K gold, with a mix of rough uncut diamonds and brilliant cut diamonds, well crafted and very stunning!


When the going gets rough!

Our Monday morning trend report….

Uncut, rough, raw and natural are a few terms to describe this gemstone trend, a very artisan and handmade look, popular with many designers, like Todd Reed, and Ornella Lanuzz to name a few, that are taking this craze to the next level. 


Todd Reed 18K yellow gold and blackened sterling silver cuff bracelet, with fancy color/colour and raw diamonds, encased in a range of unique bezel settings, like the cobbled streets of old, we love this piece because of it’s raw natural beauty and charm.