Ruby Tuesday on a Wednesday?

Three days left on our month long journey through the Ruby mines, we have learned a lot…, all shared in our fun facts bit, we also featured some resplendent works of wearable art as with our feature pick today, a bed of rubies, looks like it is invisibly set, surrounded by diamonds, set in this white, rose and black gold ring.Fun fact: The most valuable ruby colour is called “pigeon blood” ruby. 


Saving the Tigers!

Our two cents’ worth Tuesday pick are these pair of beautiful siberian tigers, diamond ring and bangle, set in white gold, pre-cious.When we selected these two magnificent pieces, it also brought up something that is very dear to our heart, our love for animals, without being to political we just wanted to shed some light on the dwindling tiger population (as few as 3200 left in the wild) and hopfully with these images we can appricate how majestic and beautiful our wild life is and how important it is to preserve them for future generations.