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Ultra Violet

Starbrite special cut amethyst gemstone.


Greenery Jewelry Trends!

Pantone has revealed an incredible shade of green, named Greenery, as its color of the year for 2017.The color green sits between blue and yellow in the spectrum of visible light.

Green color is often associated with harmony, renewal, safety, energy, fertility, ambition, growth, freshness and the environment.

For the people who want to give their look a refreshing and revitalizing shade of color. Here are a few green-ery jewel items you would definitely like to know about from a couple of our favorite designer lines:


Our two cents’ worth Tuesday pick features a piece by Anahita in 18K yellow gold, this necklace is set with diamonds and a teardrop shaped lemon quartz and mother of pearl, a beautiful color to go with the pantone color of the year, “Greenery.”