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Garavelli 18K gold rings with micro ceramic and diamonds.


Geometric Jewelry

Trendy geometric jewelry is still a hit, some fab looks with different stones and elements making being square glamorous!

Pearl Trends!

Pearls has always been a part of every jewel box, weather it has been passed down from your mom’s collection or bought for a sophisticated outing. 

Pearl jewelry has been around forever, with that timeless, classic look, that will always continue to live on but we have been seeing a big change on how designers are using pearls in their collections, no more of that “Your mom’s pearl look”, not that anything is wrong with it but welcome to the new age of the pearl. 

The modern pearl is still a big trend of 2017, continuing from last year where designers used it in a more edgy and provocative way, this unconventional use of pearls has brought new life to a long lived classic.

We are very excited to see what’s next from designer’s in the pearl space, stay tuned but enjoy the picks we made for you today. 

Enamel Trends!

Although enamel has been a popular jewelry trend for decades, 2017 has seen it’s resurgence with a new, modern and vibrant look, brighter colors with classic elements and motifs bring these pieces to life.

Some designer’s have used this enamel jewelry trend, together with a mix of metals and gemstones, to create some amazing pieces for your jewel box this season, bringing that vintage inspired look, to a color filled modern and creative trend. 

Stay bright and colorful….

Greenery Jewelry Trends!

Pantone has revealed an incredible shade of green, named Greenery, as its color of the year for 2017.The color green sits between blue and yellow in the spectrum of visible light.

Green color is often associated with harmony, renewal, safety, energy, fertility, ambition, growth, freshness and the environment.

For the people who want to give their look a refreshing and revitalizing shade of color. Here are a few green-ery jewel items you would definitely like to know about from a couple of our favorite designer lines: